Queen Naija & Ari Lennox: The R&B Link Up We Never Knew We Needed!

Autumn Simon

The R&B of this era is at its peak thanks to incredible artists like SZA, Lucky Daye, Brent Faiyaz and many more. Two leading ladies in this generation’s genre that are also carrying the baton are Ari Lennox and Queen Naija.


Together, the duo just released their collaborative single “Set Him Up” on Thursday, April 7. With this drop, Queen Naija continues to grow her following beyond her debut studio album.

Originally a contestant on American Idol, Queen Naija used her appearance to gain a YouTube following. Her career began to skyrocket and the influencer was able to capitalize on her growing singing career. She released various singles along with her self-titled EP in 2018. Finally, in 2020, she debuted her first official album, Missunderstood. The project features Lucky Daye, Kiana Ledé and Lil Durk and more. She earned number 1 on the Top R&B Albums and ninth slot on the Billboard 200. 

Ahead of Queen Naija’s upcoming deluxe album release, the Michigan songstress shared a sneak peek of her single featuring Ari Lennox, “Set Him Up.” Ari Lennox has been offering her own taste of unpolluted soulful sounds for years. Recognizing Ari Lennox’s longevity in the industry, Queen Naija tapped into the Dreamville artist to offer a modern-day female duet. It’s no surprise that both women eventually linked up as they share similar styles, stories and skills. The sultry single showcases both women’s talents vocally and creatively.

Fans rejoiced as both women announced their upcoming project and their audience was presented a single that was better than expectations. “Set Him Up” finds both women playing tag team in a storytelling scenario about two women dating the same man at the same time. Oh, a tale as old as time, as many preceding R&B legends tackled the same all-too-familiar subject. “The Boy is Mine” meets “Same Girl” selection brings a female perspective of R-Kelly and Usher’s popular 2007 hit. The record allows two women to trade stories until they realize they are talking about the same man. Both women then detail their revenge plan inspiring women from around the world to go after a common target, f*ck boys.

Silky, smooth and daring, “Set Him Up” is the perfect intro to Queen Naijas’s forthcoming deluxe album. The seductive songstresses created a song perfect for today’s era of women. Instead of brushing off those “Scrubs” both women decided to do with any modern-day boss b*tch will do, exact revenge. We’re looking forward to the new release which will be dropping on April 16. Until then, we will continue playing this hit over and over again.