Raw Stream Brings Hip-Hop From The Stage To Your Couch


Hip-hop is rapidly growing in the music scene with new artists appearing on the radar left and right. Raw Stream gives these artists a platform to perform their music in a live setting and to reach an audience of hip-hop devotees. 

Recorded in Offstream Studio located in Burbank, CA, Raw Stream “brings the stage to your couch” with three to four artists performing each session. The show now has over 50 artists under its belt after two full seasons featuring 8 episodes each.

The show’s energy doesn’t stop with the artists, however. The dynamic duo consisting of rapper and audio engineer Mark W. and athlete, coach, and DJ Ian SWIVVL Jennings is also responsible for hosting and curating Raw Stream. 

Though the show has now amassed a following of over 300 supporters with view counts reaching almost as high as 5,000 for some episodes, the continuation of the project was not always the plan. 

Mark W. created the show as a one-time online pandemic project with the goal of featuring a few artists he worked with. He also wanted to provide a space for a reunion of his previous group, Lost Dialect, based in Inglewood. 

Upon reaching out to Traklife for help with audio and visual components, Mark W. and Traklife founder Ervin Cordero decided to make the project a regular series. Mark W. and DJ Swivll decided on the name Raw Stream, and the series has grown ever since. 

Some of the show’s highlights include “Work” by Peter $un on Season 2 Episode 4 and “Live for the Night” by Destruct on Season 1 Episode 8, but every artist brings their A game to the stage. 

The show streams live on rawstream.traklife.com every other Wednesday at 6 pm PST / 9 pm EST. It alternates weeks with Traklife’s virtual concert series Homemade Sessions, so you always have access to live music on Wednesday nights.

Be sure to follow @rawstream_show on Instagram to keep up with the latest episodes, and check out past episodes on YouTube here

To listen to all of the show’s past performers, check out the Raw Stream playlist below!