Top 5 Rawstream Performances

Hey everyone! It’s Max and I’m back with my pick of the top 5 Rawstream Performances. Rawstream (playlist seen here) provides the viewers with the unmatched raw talent of LA musicians. Since the beginning, this show has featured over 35 excellent artists with flow, rhymes, and rhythm guaranteed to get your head bobbing. 

Through a rigorous process of gauging rhythm, rhyme, flow and wordplay I’ve determined my picks from 5 to 1 as Pretty Pape$, Alfred Nomad, Yel, Prime Minister, and Sha’ki. These picks are just my opinion so be sure to go back and watch Rawstream to pick your own!

Number 5: Pretty Pape$

At number 5 is Pretty Pape$ from season 1 episode 7. From his performance, it’s clear that this man can rock with any beat. Ranging from hype club bangers to bedroom rap, Pretty Pape$ transported me in his performance. While his wordplay isn’t the focus of this performance, the rhythm and flow of his bars stuck in my head after listening. He reminds me of Brockhampton, Jaden Smith, and Jack Harlow. 

Number 4: Alfred Nomad

Number 4 has to go to Alfred Nomad from season 2 episode 4. To me, the aspects of this performance that shined the most were the melodies and diverse flows. Alfred Nomad reminds me of Freddie Gibbs and Joey Bada$$. He really seems like a poet in his presentation and wordplay. Each bar Alfred spits has meaning, while still flowing off the tongue smoothly. My favorite song in this set was “Cash App.” I loved the meaning and the rhythm that Alfred brought. 

Number 3: Yel

Coming in at number 3 from Rawstream’s season 2 episode 6: Yel. Yel’s performance shows proficiency in flow, pitch regulation, and personal style. I would liken Yel’s voice to a mix between JID, Missy Elliot, and Ski Mask the Slump God. Additionally, Yel’s performance itself is high in energy and proves that she can definitely get a crowd moving and stay bopping. My favorite song in her set was “3 street” which I found myself humming well after listening to it. 

Number 2: Prime Minister

Number 2 comes from season 1 episode 2, Prime Minister. The confidence and creativity put forth in this performance are near unmatched as he spits bars and uses a megaphone for his own vocal effects. “Same Thing” reminds me of JPEGMAFIA, IDK, and Saba. Prime Minister’s flow is unique in pitching and in rhythm with quick breath stops and pauses. I could feel the artistry and meaning behind the words through the clarity in his voice and stories presented in his rhymes. This performance is a must-watch. 

Number 1: Sha’ki

And lastly, from season 1 episode 4, number 1 in my picks of top 5 Rawstream performances is Sha’ki. The match between voice and beat is perhaps the most important thing for a performer in my opinion. Sha’ki manages to rap over beats that are unique in sound, style, and emotion. He reminds me of a mix between EARTHGANG and Joey Purp. The energy in this performance is unmatched and I can imagine that going to a concert headlined by Sha’ki would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.