[RECAP] The Layover Show #211 ft. Empanadamn

Hazzle Joy

The Layover Show recently came back from about a month hiatus to make some major changes with a revamp. The new Layover Show still features the same lady hosts and talented DJs, but each episode will be filled with more entertainment and new segments.

With the second episode of the return this year, Traklife family from New York, Empanadamn of Impulse Travels came through to hop on the decks with some fresh tunes as well as hop on the mic for some fun with Hosts Lindsey_Duz_It, Jae Rose, and Hazzle Joy.

Stream the most recent episodes on the soundcloud. If you want to go a little further back we do have more past episodes on mixcloud.com/trakliferadio and mixcloud.com/thelayovershow.



Tune in TONIGHT at 8:00pm PST for a brand new episode featuring Traklife Artist Spotlight Monica Parales.

Peep the teaser videos below:

All photos and videos by Michael “MAC” Cruz

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