Review: Ease and Esco Single Release Party


OFB Yung




Big Wy

In hip-hop, it’s always refreshing to see artists dominate there own sound, image and delivery on stage. This past week, we got the opportunity to see not one, but a few artists do just that.

At the Ease and Esco single release party for “I’m That N***a” the room was packed, and the crowd was hyped as each artist hit the stage one by one. This rendition of Break The Stage at the GS Lounge included performances by AV LMKR, OFB Yung (Cali Swag District), Reason, Dre Hine and Xaci Jump Shooters and a surprise appearance by Inglewood, Calif. native Big Wy.

Every inch of space was filled with guests who supported the culture of hip-hop and the two brothers who just signed a deal with Knockout Entertainment.  

“ITN (I’m That N***a) is really a mood song, it’s fulfilling.” said Esco. “It’s about confidence, having that swag.”

“Being real confident in everything you do.” he went on to say.

As producers for their own label UndeRated, the duo began this journey at an early age. 

“It’s the want and the desire for success.” said Ease

“We want to do what we love. I feel like that’s the center of everything.” he said.


Esco and Ease

“When we do music, we feel like we’re getting closer together. We write songs together, we make beats together. Everything is like a family affair.” Ease said.

With the support of their team, I can see Ease and Esco grow as a duo. To hear there newest single “I’m That N***a”, click the link below and tell us what you think.