RMusic – An app for music creators to collaborate and maintain productivity

Ervin Cordero

Came across this app on the @traklife.emerge Instagram feed and read that it was collaboration platform for music creators.  I was intrigued and looked into it a little further and I was really impressed.  This is definitely a tool that had the modern music creator in mind.


RMusic is a new iOS app that allows bands and/or songwriters and producers to collaborate by recording music ideas right into the app.  Each idea resides in a project file in which other collaborators can add lyrics, edit sounds, take notes, communicate with each other, and more all from within the app.


This is definitely a game changer and especially useful for creating music on the go because you never know where and when you’ll be inspired.  This way, you can capture sounds, melodies, and lyrics easily as inspiration hits.  Better yet, having that same capability among you and the rest of your music creative team.