“Rumors” Single Review

Sarah Stukalin

Last Friday, Lizzo blessed our ears with the first single from her new era entitled “Rumors.” The song is everything Lizzo embodies: confidence, happiness, and being her unapologetic self. 

After an amazing debut era, critics questioned how Lizzo would attempt to escape the sophomore album slump; however, if “Rumors” proves anything, it is that Lizzo is coming back with a mission.

The single is raunchy and fun, as Lizzo addresses past and present outlandish rumors about her. She sings “Last year, I thought I would lose it / Readin’ sh*t on the internet / My smoothie cleanse and my diet / No, I ain’t f*ck Drake yet (Ha).” Cardi B’s verse only adds more to the song, as she is also used to rumors circulating about her. 

The release of the single came with an even more brazen music video as Lizzo embodies the spirit and wardrobe of a Greek goddess complete with Hercules-esque muses who serve as back-up. 

Complete with a catchy saxophone instrumental and glamorous lyrics, “Rumors” is the start of an unapologetically fierce album from Lizzo, and I cannot wait to hear more. 

Watch the “Rumors” music video here!