“Save Myself” – Single Review

India McCarty

Pop artist Ashe just released “Save Myself,” a follow-up single to her hugely popular “Moral of the Story,” which got its start on TikTok. It became her first entry on the Billboard Hot 100 and got the attention of Niall Horan, which led to a remix featuring his vocals. “Save Myself” takes her heartfelt lyrics and delicate vocals and adds a more anthemic feel. 


“I know everything worked out // the way it’s meant to be // but honestly // if I had the chance // I would take it back,” she muses on the pre-chorus. “Coulda saved myself from you.” 


“I look at ‘Save Myself’ as the precursor to ‘Moral of the Story’ instead of the follow up,” she said about the song. “People say there are five stages of grief; I wrote ‘Moral Of The Story’ in the fifth stage of grieving my relationship: acceptance. ‘Save Myself’ (although, written post ‘Moral’) is about my second stage: anger. It means the world to have a chance to express the anger I felt in a healthy way, because whether we like it or not, our anger demands to be felt and let out.” 


The lyrics are cutting, but delivered in Ashe’s typical off-hand style. “I coulda saved myself // time and lots of money,” she shrugs. “I shouldn’t blame myself // I kinda saw it coming.” There’s no weepiness; just the sense that she wishes she hadn’t wasted any time.


“Save Myself” proves that Ashe isn’t just a one-hit wonder. Moving towards a bigger sound was a great next step for her; this is leading her towards another radio-friendly single, while still retaining her individual musical style. 


Check out “Save Myself” here!

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