Saweetie’s “Back to the Streets” : An Ode to F-Boys

Madison Hunt

Bay Sisters Saweetie and Jhene Aiko teamed up for their latest single, Back to the Streets


As Saweetie gets ready for her anticipated debut album, Pretty B**** Music, she teamed up with Timbaland to create another ode to women. 


The song gives an ambiance of summer because it’s a soft, gentle vibe. It’s also a slight groove you can get into. I envision Saweetie and Jhene cruising down the streets with their top-down, taking in the sun, unapologetically happy. 


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#BackToTheStreets @Saweetie feat. @JheneAiko out now ❄️🌋

A post shared by Jhené Aiko Efuru Chilombo (@jheneaiko) on Oct 22, 2020 at 9:52pm PDT

Saweetie took a different approach to her latest song. In her usual fashion, she’s aggressive, chanting a persona with influences from old school hip hop. But she zones into her more feminine side, never raising her voice but using her lyrics to tell the story. 


It’s an ode to losing the baggage of ‘f*** boys’, releasing all boys that mistreat, use, and devalue women in a relationship. Saweetie said we’re not doing this in 2020. 


“Traded in my old n****, he was just a lease

I ride around town ’til I leave

I gave the boy a round spin him back to the streets”

Jhene Aiko features the perfect blend of the elegant,raunchiness we all need. Her flow on this song comes naturally, as she zones into the raw influences of the Bay. Her tone on this song engages the listener as she’s unapologetically aware of what she wants, and how she intends to use a man to get it. 

“On hood, baby this is for your own good

I’m a player a** b**** and you knew it

Had a good time, now I’m ready for some new dick

Passed it to Saweetie, now you hit it, through with it

There it ain’t really nothin’ else to do with it.”

With only one verse she talks directly to a ‘boy’ who is nowhere near the level to compete for her affection. His purpose is for one thing, and one thing only, and for him not to overstep those bounds.

“Yeah, you know I leveled up

I can’t be stuck

I wish you luck though

Consider yourself blessed

You got to f*** with the baddest

You know that I can’t be capped, no, I gotta dip out”

I’m not sure that most will be impressed by this song, just because the first impression seems very amature. Just because the lyrics are simple, generic, and not very engaging. 


But also there is a standard that everyone holds to female rappers. Not everyone can be a lyricist, or a hardcore rapper. Saweetie sets her own lane by being unapologetically herself; giving us bops, being cute, and the ICY girl that she is. 


Nevertheless it’s something the music world needs, a light song that gives women the confidence to take pride in knowing who she is, and making sure all these f-boys out here know it. We love to see the duality in Saweetie as she gets ready for her debut album. 

Check out the video below!