SAYGRACE’s “Girl” – Single Review

India McCarty

Even if you’ve never heard of her, you’ve probably heard SAYGRACE’s voice before. In 2015, she and G-Eazy collaborated on “You Don’t Own Me,” one of the hit singles off the Suicide Squad soundtrack. She’s since released an album, 2 EPs and a handful of singles. Her latest release is “Girls,” a lowkey list of of things the singer is tired of hearing from her partner. 


She mentions her boyfriend preferring her with long hair and in heels and skirts before saying, “I only do it for you, I’m not comfortable with it // What do you do for me that you’re not comfortable with?” That comparison to the way other girls dress is something many women can relate to, but SAYGRACE stands up for herself by the chorus: “But I’m not like them // Sorry that I’m not like them.”


“My entire life I’ve essentially been told to express my femininity, sexuality and female form in a way that pleases other people and I’m honestly just really tired of it,” said the singer. “I will not perpetuate the objectification women face by constantly taking on opinions from other people that frankly, we didn’t ask for. I get dressed, do my hair, talk the way I wanna talk, think the way I do and feel the way I feel for me, no one else.” 


“Girl”’s production is subtle, building on SAYGRACE’s R&B sound, which means the lyrics and vocals are the focal point of the song. With a message this close to the singer’s heart, it’s not wonder she chose to put the spotlight on the words she’s singing. 


Check out “Girl” here!

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