Shay Lia’s “All Up To You”: Vital Music During Dark Times

Madison Hunt

Shay Lia, a French-East African singer-songwriter, has used her talents to craft a sound that uses lively beats to highlight real issues.


“All Up To You” is her latest single, since the release of her album, ‘Dangerous’, which was released back in 2019.


Breaking into the industry with features including major artists like KAYTRANADA, Buddy, and Kojey Radical she made a statement. She hit the ground running with this multifaceted album, and her music continues to thrive.


Lia’s latest single is a testament to that. She uses uplifting lyrics layered over an afro-centric beat to get you grooving in empowerment.

“I know sometimes

It’s a lot to handle

Lonely but know why

Issa sacrifice

It’s not a race against time

You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be

Life is a long ride

You gotta just enjoy the journey”

Lia talked about the song in a recent interview, “I wanted to create something positive for people to dance to in these crazy times. I wanted to feel reminded that we’re stronger than we think. I believe in the powers of words and music and I love creating inspirational songs full of warmth and joyful energy for everyone of any age to enjoy.”


In a climate filled with such uncertainty, piled on with the current social, political climate it would weigh heavily on just about anyone. But Lia uses her musical talent to provide positive affirmations, that would just let you find your “happy place” in a world of chaos.