Slumber Party Sessions: An Inclusive Environment for Musicians

Kate Kotlyar

Show up, eat some pastries, chat with friends, meet new people and listen to indie artists- that’s what Slumber Party Sessions is all about.

Julia Jade created Slumber Party Sessions in late May of this year. The event happens at Junior High, a non-profit 501(c)3 community arts center that is committed to creating a safe space for musicians that are female, queer, nonbinary or people of color. Jade wanted to create an inclusive community of musicians in Los Angeles that also reminded her of the “nostalgic” and slumber party-esque 2000s nights she attended while in college.

Host Julia Jade performs a song on her piano at Slumber Party Sessions. Photo by Kate Kotlyar

“I was working remotely with a producer in Nashville who was talking to me about the songwriters’ night he hosts in Nashville. He was saying that, because I have a clear vision of what I think the industry can be and what kind of role I want to play, establishing my own event would be a great way to exercise my inclusive leadership style and build community in Los Angeles,” Jade said.

The latest event was on Sept. 12 with performances from Kisser, Haley Fishberger, Hot Moms Club, Soviet Jesus Choir, host Julia Jade and Holander. Also, to encourage audiences to follow each artist, there was a raffle for a chance to win a facial or a Holander or Hot Moms Club t-shirt. To enter the raffle, members of the audience had to follow one or more of the artists on social media.

Jade has featured many artists at Slumber Party Sessions and loves not only being with the artists but seeing them in pajamas to create the slumber party setting.

“Seeing everybody’s sets is obviously a highlight, but I honestly love seeing how creative the artists get with their pajama attire, and I love seeing them meet each other before the show,” Jade said. “It has been such a privilege to see artists connect with each other before, during, and after the event in a way that I haven’t seen at a typical gig.”

Slumber Party Sessions’ slogan is “You’re always invited” and Jade tries to live up to that motto with her inclusive environment.

“I wanted to reclaim the slumber party and all the times you, or I,  hadn’t been invited. This is a space for anyone and everyone to meet and have a good time while eating delicious sweets and watching amazing acts,” Jade said. “There’s something about the vibe of the event and wearing pajamas in public that makes interactions more personal and wholesome.”