Snoh Aalegra Latest Video Release is a Sci-Fi Experience with a Modern Twist

Madison Hunt

Snoh Aalegra continues to break bounds even in quarantine. Releasing a video for latest single, DYING 4 YOUR LOVE, gives us a sci-fi depiction of a woman in an unrequited relationship. 


Coming down from a climactic performance in 2019, the Swedish singer’s stardom steadily continues with this video. As her song creates the depth that her fans fell in love with. 


The imagery within this video is a psychedelic experience, we see plenty of scenes where she is draped in a “star-like” fabric, as if she’s set in a different dimension. And within the depth of the song, the video aligns perfectly. 


Directed by I.P.W., Aalegra gives us much more imagery and emotion than we’ve seen in her recent videos. Especially, with the perfect fusion between a modern take on a “different world.” 


And the perfect transitions from scene, it’s captivating to see her take on this role entirely. She’s a sight to see in this. 

Snoh Aalegra- DYING 4 YOUR LOVE