Solar Power Album Review

Sarah Stukalin

After four years, Lorde released her long-anticipated third studio album entitled Solar Power. The album is different than Lorde’s past music in that it is lighter, more carefree, and a great mark of maturity in both her person and career. 

It is no secret that Lorde’s second studio album, Melodrama, is an album of deep pain and conflict. While many were expecting the same type of vibe from Solar Power, Lorde didn’t exactly deliver. 

Solar Power is a true celebration of life and all of its ups and downs, as Lorde takes us to the beaches of California, the nail salon, and dancing under the sun, through flowery language and explicit imagery. The album is incredibly stripped-down and bare, and because Solar Power is an album about acceptance and letting go, it includes some of Lorde’s most honest and vulnerable lyrics. 

One of the standout songs of the album is the fifth track, “Fallen Fruit” Lorde backs up her hard-hitting lyrics with beautiful vocals. And while the song is slow and melodic, it builds to a wonderful vocal and instrumental climax that spills over into the final lyrics, in which she sings  “And we will walk together / Psychedelic garlands in our hair / But how can I love what I know I am gonna lose? / Don’t make me choose.”

While many Lorde fans are over the moon with Solar Power, the album has come with a lot of mixed reviews: some from people who don’t like the “new Lorde,” and some from people who do not appreciate the casual yet sincere lyricism she delivers. To that, I say, sit back, relax, and let Lorde usher in her new sound in the peaceful exuberance reflective of her album.

Solar Power is no Melodrama, but this does not devalue the album in any way. Lorde has matured, and with that maturity comes a new sound of happiness and honesty, of acceptance and moving on. We cannot expect artists to stay stagnant in their work, and we should celebrate Solar Power for its beauty and originality. It is truly one of a kind, much like its creator. 

Listen to Solar Power here!