Songwriter Pages now on Spotify

Ervin Cordero

In case you didn’t know, earlier this year Spotify launched what they call Songwriter Pages.  They’re basically profile pages for songwriters to also get their credit on the music we listen to on Spotify.  It gives listeners a little more insight into the creators behind the tracks they listen to.  I personally thought that has always been part of the standard Spotify functionality which it should have been because songwriters are a huge part of music culture.


With Songwriter Pages, in the credits of each song, you can click on the songwriter’s name which would then take you to their page which will show you all other music they’ve contributed lyrics to.  You’d be surprised to see what other music that songwriter has been involved with.  If lyrics is what you appreciate most about the music you love, then this update is especially for you.  Kind of like following your favorite book author.


As this functionality popularizes among Spotify users, it’s great to know platforms such as Spotify have the creators in mind therefore pushing our culture forward.  Now time to do it for all others involved in creating these records such as the engineers, producers, etc.