Spotify’s Artist Fundraising Pick Allows Fans to Donate to Artists

Hazzle Joy

In a time of uncertainty, it’s been a refreshing sight to see when the community comes together. In fact, the music community recently rejoiced in the news that Spotify has created a feature enabling artists to earn money from fans using Cash App, GoFundMe, or

“Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Spotify has engaged our partners across the industry to discuss how we can support artists and the creative community who have been deeply impacted by the effects of the devastating virus. Though streaming continues to play a key role in connecting creators with their fans, numerous other sources of revenue have been interrupted or stopped altogether by this crisis.” – Spotify

Those working in the music industry have, needless to say, been highly impacted by the unprecedented global crisis with cancelled concerts, gigs, shows, performances, and other projects. The efforts of Spotify and their partnerships bring hope in helping alleviate the financial stress artists and other industry professionals may be experiencing.


Spotify for Artists admin users can select “Get started” on their dashboard’s banner to submit their Fundraising Pick, which gives you the option to choose to whom the funds will be directed to. You can fundraise yourself, your crew, or a charity partner. For more details head over to the Spotify Blog.