Spring Cleaning: A Review of Indie Acoustic in 2021

Cameron DeFaria

Editor’s Note: This was made in collaboration with Traklife writer Sarah Stukalin.

Perhaps the most sustainable genre of them all, indie acoustic music has no off-season.


Take Jack Johnson’s 2005 smash “Better Together”, for example, and compare it to Ed Sheeran’s 2020 offering, “Afterglow”. Fifteen years later, an acoustic guitar and a great vocalist can still make their way to the top of the charts.

Traklife’s exclusive Spring Cleaning playlist features a wide range of acoustic-driven songs that span over the last couple of decades. With artists ranging from Jack Johnson and Fleet Foxes to The Lumineers and Father John Misty, the curation contains enough novelty and nostalgia to captivate listeners of all ages.

Acoustic music is beautiful and simple. It strips music down bare, relying on vocals and solely an instrumental accompaniment to move the piece. It’s our Sunday morning jam, our cup of coffee, our afternoon nap. It’s the epitome of peace, and it soothes us into a full state of relaxation.

From Hozier to The Shins to Mandolin Orange, Sit back, relax, and let Traklife take you through the best acoustic songs you’ve never heard of here!