Summer Anthems: A Traklife Featured Playlist

Cameron DeFaria

Editor’s Note: This article was made in collaboration with Traklife writer Tony Madden. 


Summer anthems occupy the entire spectrum of music genres, but they somehow all fit under a distinct umbrella.


The Summer Anthems Traklife playlist contains genres ranging from EDM and hip hop, to rock and pop. As the sunny season approaches, indulge in a genre-less collection of summertime favorites that are sure to put you in the appropriate mindset.

With respect to EDM and hip hop, these genres have done exceedingly well in achieving summertime appeal. A quintessential electronic summer hit would be Calvin Harris’ “Summer“. The sparse, catchy hook intrigues listeners right away, captivating them all the way until the record’s euphoric synth drop.


Drake’s “Summer Sixteen“, on the other hand, demonstrates a whole different approach to achieving its anthemic status. The Toronto rapper employs angsty lyrics over a driving beat, proving that aggression is also an effective tactic in hyping up the masses for the celebrated season.


However, whether the song actually has the word “summer” in it, or not, doesn’t matter; the overall atmospheres elicited by these favorites are what classify them as summer anthems. Take “Ocean Drive (Hayden James Remix)“, for example. The progressive synth beat and the blissful vocal are all one needs to hear when deciding whether it belongs on the playlist. To that end, 24kGoldn’s “Mood” evokes a similar sense of euphoria that screams summertime vibes.

The singer-songwriter’s take on the summer anthem relies heavily on nostalgia and personal experience to paint lyrical pictures of the tunes we associate with summer. Taylor Swift’s “Cruel Summer” from 2019 tells the story of the pain in keeping love secret with a classic Jack Antonoff synth beat.


Lori McKenna’s country-folk answer to the summer anthem comes as “The Lot Behind St. Mary’s.” This stripped-down acoustic ballad tells of a summer of years past: one of cigarette smoke in an August sky, blue jeans and September being the only foreseeable adversary.

Listen to the “Summer Anthems” Traklife playlist here: