SZA Confirms New Collab with Doja Cat

Mack Mendenhall

“Wanna know a secret? You all wanna know who’s on this song? It’ll be like our secret, right?”


While performing at the Mad Cool Festival in Madrid on July 10, alternative R&B singer SZA teased details about the high-profile feature on her next single.

Theo Wargo, Getty Images

“The hint is, we already have a song together. Her name starts with a ‘D’ and it rhymes with ‘Soulja,’” she playfully revealed. The audience cheered enthusiastically as they realized she was referring to Doja Cat.

So it’s official: another SZA and Doja Cat collaboration is in the works. After the overwhelming success of their smash hit 2021 jam “Kiss Me More,” fans will likely have high expectations for their next song together.

However, it’s actually not a brand-new song. A snippet of the upcoming single was originally posted to SZA’s Instagram story in October 2020 before it went viral on Tik Tok in 2021 from a dance challenge. Fans eventually dubbed the untitled song “Shirt” after its chorus lyrics, “Bloodstain on my shirt / New b***h on my nerves / Old n***a got curved / Going back on my word / Damn, b***h, you like thirty.”

“I heard y’all named the Tik Tok song ‘Shirt’ lol. I like it,” SZA tweeted in response on January 8, 2021.


A few months later, in March 2021, the singer featured a snippet of “Shirt” at the end of her music video for “Good Days,” which is the lead single off her upcoming second studio album. According to a short interview SZA gave at the 2022 MET Gala, fans likely will be receiving album number two sooner than later.

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“My album’s finally ready to go, more than I’ve ever felt before. So this summer, it’ll be like a ‘SZA summer,’” she told a reporter.

So far, the Grammy-winning artist has lived up to that statement. On June 9, 2022 – the fifth anniversary of the release of her debut Ctrl – SZA released a surprise deluxe edition of the record-breaking album. The new version contains seven bonus tracks, including “2AM,” “Tread Carefully,” and an alternate version of “Love Galore.”


An official release date for “Shirt” is yet to be confirmed.

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