Temporary Highs In The Violet Skies Album Review

Sarah Stukalin

Frequently compared to Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson, Iranian and Swedish singer Snoh Aalegra has released her fourth studio album entitled TEMPORARY HIGHS IN THE VIOLET SKIES. The album has been deemed “mind-blowingly good” and “heartfelt,” as Aalegra proves she is not going anywhere and can remain consistent. 

The album has a soulful R&B vibe, with lyrics and beats that exude the feeling of comfort and control. The lyrics are intimate and calm, and Aalegra’s angelic voice is the perfect accompaniment. The album switches from slow, melodic songs to more upbeat tracks; but it benefits Aalegra’s sound rather than hurts despite this change of pace. 

One notable song from the album is track five “NEON PEACH” featuring Tyler, The Creator. One of the faster songs on the album, Aalegra and Tyler’s sounds mesh perfectly together to create a wonderful and playful song that exudes a carefree, summery feeling.

But perhaps the best and most acclaimed song on the album is “TANGERINE DREAM.” The song is the epitome of dreamy and soulful: telling the story of two ex-lovers reuniting on a flight, only to find that their love can only exist in the air, thus explaining the album title, TEMPORARY HIGHS IN THE VIOLET SKIES. The song is bittersweet and personal, as Aalegra sings “You were supposed to be my tangerine dream / My everything, my everything / It was all a fantasy, yeah / My tangerine dream.”

It is safe to say Snoh Aalegra’s fourth album does not disappoint. It is a journey of sadness, flirtation, acceptance, love, and loss. The album’s sound is a brilliant combination of modern soul and R&B paired with ethereal vocals and enigmatic features.