The Everything Will Be Alright Exhibition

Hazzle Joy

The Everything Will Be Alright Exhibition hosted by Alfred Nomad and Soundsync LA was a night of celebration for the release of Nomad’s latest project, Everything Will Be Alright: The B-Sides. Traklife had the honor of being a part of the event with myself and fellow Co-Host Mark W Hosting the sold-out event at The Rattle LA. A portion of the proceeds from the tickets sold to the exhibition went towards the non-profit organization Backline which provides therapy services to artists, musicians, and music industry professionals.


The exhibition also showcased Nomads’s photos as well as one of the artists who performed, Perry Porter.  Nomad’s photos were interactive and when you scanned the QR code and hovered over the images, it would show his music videos, which was a pretty cool experience. What added to the experience, was the live tattoo artist, Elizabeth Moroni, and drinks that were sponsored by Nosotros Tequila and Passion Tree Hard Seltzer.

The hand-selected lineup included such talented artists including my fellow co-host, Mark W himself, Sophia Galaté, and Perry Porter. Mark W kicked off the night in full swing with his contagious energy to get the crowd hyped and was followed by the sultry r&b singer Sophia Galaté who serenaded the crowd with her amazing vocals. And Perry Porter wowed the crowd with one of the most unique performances I have ever witnessed by multi-tasking rapping and painting at the exact same time. Nomad ended the night bringing out some special surprise guests performing his track features and of course, he brought his A game. And of course we cannot forget to mention DJ Greg Nyce and Nomad’s amazing band!

Be sure to follow all things Alfred Nomad to keep up with his latest music and projects. Thanks, Alfred for letting us be a part of this amazing event!