The “Fearless” Re-recordings: What to Expect

Sarah Stukalin

Eight-year-old me is sitting at the computer refreshing iTunes over and over again. It feels like Christmas morning, except that Santa is a blonde country singer raining down hit after hit. Who would have thought that thirteen years later, twenty-one-year me would be doing the exact same thing.

In fact, it’s what I’m doing at this moment. Listening to the released singles and anticipating the drop of one of my most favorite albums. “Fearless” is my childhood. It’s that album that feels like home, and there’s something so comforting about a long car ride listening to Taylor sing about breakups, heartache, childhood, and growing up.

But what is to be expecting from the re-recordings? Taylor always manages to top herself with every new album release, but how can she top something that was already perfect? Something that was already the soundtrack to so many of our lives? Taylor has changed since the release of the original “Fearless.” Once writing about extreme heartache, Taylor is in a steady relationship. The re-recordings to her are more of a look back on her beginnings than an opportunity to rehash old drama, and it’s going to show.

With more mature vocals and a strong sense of stability, the re-recordings of “Fearless” are going to exude happiness: the happiness of self-ownership, authenticity, and the comfort of being who you are, and celebrating the wonderful music you have created. “Fearless” is a celebration. A celebration of youth, and all its ups and downs. It’s a love letter to her fans and a message to her enemies. It’s a new way to seek comfort, strength, and the love she pours into each and every one of her songs.

Check back next week for a full review of “Fearless (Taylor’s Version),” but in the meantime enjoy the latest single from the album, “Mr. Perfectly Fine,” and come back next week for a full album review!