The World Over Blends Heavy and Melodic on “Shallow”

Adam Godown

LA-based rock band The World Over returns with a music video for their fiery new single “Shallow,” premiering exclusively on Traklife in celebration of Pride Month 2021.

The World Over, Warped-Tour alums who have been grinding the alternative scene since 2014, find a niche perfectly in between alt-rock and post-hardcore. Their sound is full of screams and chugging guitars, balanced against enough poppy choruses and catchy vocal melodies to find a place on the radio or a rock playlist.

“Shallow” nails this sound, with the band alternating between poppy verses and choruses and breakdowns that could be straight out of an early-2010’s Of Mice & Men song: ambient synths, long, held-out scream and all. It’s a wide-ranging approach that can only be executed by a seriously skilled group of musicians, and Alex, Juan, Christian and Ryan nail it, managing to jump smoothly and dynamically between styles. Check out Christian and Ryan’s guitar play-through of their previous singe, “Woven”:

Vocalist and bonafide rockstar Tiaday Rocke takes center-stage in the video as the voice behind the band’s diverse sound, switching seemingly effortlessly between metalcore style screams and pop-driven clean vocal melodies. One of Alternative Press’s Top 100 Women in Music, Rocke is both a powerful frontwoman and outspoken advocate for the LGBTQ+ community. In fact, the entire band have established the fight for LGBTQ+ rights as a core part of their identity.

In “Shallow,” Rocke sings of gossip and rumors, fake friends and the way people are affected by them. An issue that resonates particularly with members of the queer community, her point is visually driven home in the music video by a wall of tabloids intercut with blood splatters on a faceless body. It’s a message that is both angry and resolute: “That just shows me who’s worth my time.”

The World Over may have already earned a name for themselves in the rock scene, but they’re just getting started: their EP Artificial drops this August, and you can catch them live on tour this fall with Powerman 5000.