Three Independent Alternative and Indie Rock Artists You Need to Know

Hannah Gershowitz

There are hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of small independent artists that you’ve never heard of.


Tons that are just as talented, if not more talented than mainstream musicians, and work just as hard, if not harder. The music marketplace and social media are extremely oversaturated and unfortunately, you will only discover an extremely small percentage of these artists in your lifetime.


These artists simply lack the resources that signed artists have available through their label. There are so many musicians that, if given these resources, could be just as successful as the big-name musicians out there. I wanted to highlight a few of my favorite emerging indie and alternative rock artists to hopefully inspire you to dig more into independent music!

Hey Kid- Barcelona, Spain

hey kid

Hey Kid is a fresh face in the Indie Rock scene, another one of those artists who’s taken 2020 to get their career started. We’ve seen some of the best Indie Rock come out of 2020, and Hey Kid’s “Cherry Pie” is right up there. This song was written based off of a dream and the vocals perfectly match the meaning. Dreamy vocals with a light rasp over some feel good soft instrumentals. This is the perfect track for the beach, chilling with your lover, or even contemplating life. Going from just hundreds to over a thousand followers on Instagram, and over 10k streams on Spotify since “Cherry Pie” released in December proves Hey Kid is on the rise, and fast! Although “Cherry Pie” is dreamy enough to put you to sleep, don’t sleep on Hey Kid!


For fans of: Roy Blair, Yeek, Oh Wonder

C.S. Fulp- Lindale, TX / Los Angeles, CA


C.S. Fulp presents dreamy instrumentals, laid back vocals, and authentic lyrics throughout his whole discography. Not sure if Bedroom Rock is a genre yet, but that’s how I would describe this blend of Indie Rock and Bedroom Pop. With many of his tracks including “Sunburn” and “Peaches” being featured on prominent Spotify playlists and even having a write-up on Lyrical Lemonade, C.S. Fulp’s music is making the rounds all over the internet. He stays connected to his 1.1k followers on IG by posting images that showcase his genuine personality.


For fans of: Jelani Aryeh, Dreamer Boy, Rex Orange County

props- London, UK


Catchy lyrics, feel good instrumentals, and a slight punk influence that takes you back to that golden era of Alternative Rock. props has that classic British alternative sound with a modern touch. Their song “Easy” is like a breath of fresh air in a field of flowers, perfect for any kind of adventure. Creative all around, it’s not just their music that is stunning, their Instagram feed is quite the aesthetic as well. Once you discover props, you won’t be able to stay away.


For fans of: The Kooks, Phoenix, The Growlers, WALK THE MOON

I hope this inspires you to dig deeper for music and not just stick with what is popular. There are so many artists working so hard and putting out such high-quality music that don’t receive the credit they truly deserve. Show some support to independent artists, whether it is listening to their music, following them on social media, sharing or commenting on their posts, sending their music to a friend, or even buying merchandise. Any little thing helps and encourages them to keep creating!