Traklife Celebrates 10 Years in Music

Mack Mendenhall

2022 marks 10 years since Traklife Media Group was founded. Of course, only the biggest dance party imaginable was an appropriate celebration. On August 20, the Traklife team hosted a 10-year anniversary party at Los Globos, a nightclub in Los Angeles, California. The event featured pop-up performances and remixes from artists and DJs who have worked with and supported Traklife over the years.

Aaron Oakden

Performers included SNT JMS, Mark W., Chylite, Dane Amar, Moon Yecca, Kairo, Sha’ki, Creed Chameleon, LongLiveCzar, and Yel. Mark W. was the emcee throughout the night. In addition to live music, Traklife also featured a second room with DJs remixing popular songs. From R&B to funk, from hip hop to afrobeats, every genre was covered. The DJs featured were Mike Murdah, Swivll, RyRy, Lindsey Duz It, DJ BIGLOU2G, Silent Individual, and Darius.

“It was such a momentous occasion,” Lindsey reflected. “We celebrated 10 years in music and it felt great seeing people there who were a part of the Traklife journey, from beginning to present. We had some of our oldest and newest friends there, all celebrating this huge achievement.”

Aaron Oakden

The company, which began as an internet radio platform in 2012, has evolved immensely over the past decade. In addition to radio, Traklife now features a music news blog, a podcast, live video recording sessions of independent artists, uniquely curated playlists, and music content on Instagram. As a cutting-edge digital outlet, Traklife continues to highlight rising artists and the latest in music releases.

“We’ve gone through so many growth transformations that we are definitely not the same company we were 10 years ago,” Traklife CEO Ervin Cordero revealed. “We’re in the same space of music but now have bigger and more ambitious visions and goals for where we want to position ourselves in the music industry.”

Overall, the Traklife 10-year anniversary party was a huge success, uniting past and present members of a company that continues to push creative boundaries in the music industry. While the first ten years were foundational to Traklife’s growth, Cordero hopes to keep expanding the company’s influence.

“I loved every moment of the ten years we’ve had … so many great memories and so much we’ve accomplished,” he shared. “I’m very honored to have worked with so many creative and talented people and that they all still support us to this day. With all that we’ve experienced and learned, I’m very happy and prideful to have made it ten years, but I’m more excited for the next ten.”