Traklife + Hip-Hop Gives Support Children of Incarcerated Parents

Mi-Mi Sessions

Photo by Michael Cruz

The 1st Annual Traklife Toy Drive was a major success! Supporters from all over made there way to the hidden treasure Brewyard Beer Company in Glendale, Calif. The night had a stacked itinerary, a meet and greet with Traklife’s Artist Spotlight: Bishop Lamont, a live broadcast with The Layover Show, raffles throughout the night, poke from The Poke Craft, and merchandise from Applause. The environment was nostalgic. Wooden benches, paintings and photos from local artists and photographers and a huge truck, whose bed served as a table platter. In the background, you could  also hear the sounds of old school and new school hip-hop. 


Photo by Michael

The Traklife Toy Drive, sponsored by Hip-Hop Gives and Inner City Dwellers received an astonishing amount of toys for the kids. The gifts are for kids whose parents are incarcerated and will be donated to a number of organizations, including CSUDH Labor and Social Justice Fair, Garment Worker Center and Concept 7 Family Support & Treatment Centers



Photo by Michael Cruz


Everyone in attendance felt the gift of giving, and the importance of giving back.

“It’s the best thing I’ve done to date so far! Because this is the real work. “ Bishop Lamont said.“This is where the real work is. When you really do real work, you impact lives you might not ever meet.” he said.

“But you’re changing lives, and that when it’s real generosity. That’s when it’s real activism.  That’s when you’re being a real humanitarian, so it’s a honor to be here”  he went on to say.


Photo by Michael Cruz

There were a lot of firsts Wednesday night, but the most memorable had to be the cypher, created by Bishop Lamont himself. When asked to spit a few rhymes by Linz, co-host of the Layover show, Bishop got creative and unselfish. He naturally opened up the forum to all of the emcees in the building. 

The support and generosity we received was humbling. We at Traklife Media Group would like to thank everyone who attended the Toy Drive! Your donations will definitely put a smile on a kids face.

Scroll down to see more photos and a video from the Traklife Toy Drive and drop a comment below. 



  1. jaerose

    This event was so legit! So glad we got to do this!


    Good times. Let’s run it back!