TRNR: Facing Life with ‘NO MERCY’

Mack Mendenhall

The beauty of an authentic artist is their desire to reach people through their music. For Nashville alternative pop artist TRNR, “Music is a way for me to empathize with the ones in the world who feel abandoned or discounted.” Not only does TRNR’s music give him a platform to emotionally relate to his audience, but also to empower them with the confidence he has found in his own life.

On June 10, TRNR dropped his first EP, NO MERCY. The project features five new songs including his latest single, “IDC,” which was released in April. The assertive energy of “IDC,” which was written to confront the negative opinions of others, is replicated throughout the rest of the EP.

Back in April, I had the privilege of connecting with TRNR and learning more about the heart behind his new music. He is a passionate young artist not afraid to explore his talents through a variety of musical styles. Major influences like Jack Harlow, Andy Grammer, Imagine Dragons, and Jon Bellion are reflected in his work.

“I loved being able to create and explore different genres through this process,” he shared about the creation of NO MERCY. “We just went into every session fresh, letting the music create itself.”

TRNR kicks off NO MERCY by showcasing his rapid-fire rhymes on the EP’s title track. Featuring a catchy hook and a fiery hip-hop beat, TRNR addresses the “posers” of the world who set unrealistic standards. Another standout track, “MAN CARD” cleverly sheds light on the superficial societal expectations placed on men. TRNR sings about redefining masculinity and breaking the stereotypes of what a man is ‘supposed to be’. If having a ‘man card’ means sacrificing self-expression, then it’s not worth keeping.

“VOICES” is an especially vulnerable moment on NO MERCY. Set to a mid-tempo hip-hop beat, TRNR describes his fears and anxieties about transitioning into adulthood. The EP closes with a brief demo track, “OCEAN.”

Speaking about the message of NO MERCY, TRNR shared, “I really want to inspire people to not be complacent with their so-called ‘place in the world.’ If you don’t like who you are then change it. Don’t let some arbitrary expectation keep you from being YOU.”

TRNR plans to continue to tell the story of his EP through mini-films that will culminate into a full-length EP music video. Stay tuned for all the NO MERCY visual content to be released later this summer!

NO MERCY is available now on all streaming platforms. Follow TRNR on Instagram, Tik Tok, and Facebook at @therealtrnr.