TRNR Shakes Off Haters In New Single “IDC”

Mack Mendenhall

Artists who aren’t afraid to experiment with a blend of musical genres have the potential to make big waves in the music industry. Nashville-based pop artist TRNR is one of them. His newest single “IDC” just dropped on April 22. The edgy combination of rock, hip hop, and pop elements is unique among other new indie pop songs and reminiscent of artists such as Andy Grammer, Imagine Dragons, and Jon Bellion.

“I never want to be bogged down by a genre. I want my music to stay genre-fluid which is why I try to pull inspirations from artists that have different unique styles,” TRNR explained.

Music has always been a part of TRNR’s life. He grew up learning to play the drums, trombone, and guitar and began writing songs at age 13. As a senior studying music at college in Chicago, TRNR started performing hip hop and rap music through a program called the Contemporary Music Center. It was here that he felt he found his place in music. The year following his graduation, TRNR began releasing original songs of his own.

“I try to take inspiration from my personal experiences and from the musicians that have influenced me,” TRNR says of his songwriting influences. “I’m a people pleaser and have struggled with doing things just to please others so I want my music to empower people to be who they want to be, not just who the world expects them to be.”

These themes of empowerment characterize “IDC,” as it focuses on standing up to the bullies in your life.

“Throughout your life there are always going to be people that doubt you. Those who don’t respect you, and don’t want to see you succeed,” TRNR shared on an Instagram post promoting the single. “‘IDC’ is about overcoming those voices and blocking out the negativity. Life’s too short to give time to people who only want to see you fail… I’ve had people in my life that have told me I’m just wasting my time pursuing music. So I want this song to be an anthem for everyone to remind them to be true to themselves. To care more about their own ambitions than other people’s opinions.”

What’s next for TRNR? Be on the lookout for his debut EP, NO MERCY, which is set to release in May.

Stay connected with TRNR on Instagram, Facebook, and Tik Tok at @therealtrnr.

Listen below to TRNR’s newest single, “IDC.”