Tyler The Creator Drops Teasers for Upcoming Album ‘Call Me If You Get Lost’

Aiden Schwartz



This is the number Tyler, The Creator mysteriously left his fans on his Twitter feed. When dialed, the playback is a telephone call quality audio snippet of an unreleased Tyler, the Creator song. This is the exact type of teasing Tyler fans like myself needed in order to start going crazy, anticipating new music, and hyper analyzing the content Tyler previews. So that’s exactly what we’re going to do here today. 


Along with this phone number, Tyler posted a video entitled SIDE STREET, which is short, aesthetically pleasing, confusing, and naturally comedic. This vignette features Tyler making out with a girl as they’re both dressed in a rich red, sitting on a pink vintage muscle car, while Tyler holds an Airedale terrier on a leash. Tyler quickly dips out into his car while handing the leash to the woman. She proceeds to play with the dog while Tyler drives away and Taco –Tyler’s long-term friend– approaches playing the role of this woman’s boyfriend. He asks “who was that” and confusingly enough, the woman chuckles and replies “no one.”


This visual is backed by beautiful jazz chords, played on classic Tyler the Creator youthful sound designs; plucking instruments and basslines accompanied by a flute melody. Obviously, this could all just be a goofy skit Tyler posts to promote the sound of his new music, but there could very well be more depth here. It’s likely that a theme on this album could be some sort of mysterious love affair as the video depicts. Maybe, this draws parallels to Tyler’s Mr. Lonely persona expressed on Flower Boy, as well as the love interest that evoked the emotions expressed throughout IGOR


Nonetheless, on Wednesday 6/16, Tyler dropped yet another teaser, but this one came in the form of a single release and music video titled, “LUMBERJACK.” The video starts with similar chords, accompanied by a poem about a love interest distracting him from his plans to sled in Utah. This quickly takes a turn to a video for one of Tyler’s hardest rap songs since “Who Dat Boy.” Aesthetically, Tyler maintains his classy-country club-skater-Grand Budapest Hotel-inspired fashion, now with a colder twist. The color palette throughout this video features baby blues on his nails and clothes, reminiscent of the snow featured in the video visually, and verbally expressed in the poem. Similarly, the beat and bars on this song are just as cold. An example of this is when Tyler interrupts the beat to spit “Rolls Royce pull up, black boy hop out” suggesting that this scenario is an unexpected one for many to witness, but Tyler gets to experience this whenever he drives his Rolls Royce. The beat is a chaotic boom-bap beat with help on production from DJ Drama, as the Gangsta Grillz adlib repeats itself on this track. This video, much like the two other teasers, ends with the same abrupt melody saying “Call Me if You Get Lost.”


Finally, on Thursday 6/17, Tyler, the Creator takes to social media to officially announce his new album  “Call Me If You Get Lost” dropping on June 25th. Much like the album rollout for Igor, Tyler uploads a picture of his face, this time on an identification card. Featured on this card is the name “Tyler Baudelaire,” Tyler’s birthdate, his hometown of Hawthorne, CA, and release date of 6/25/21. What’s interesting about this is Tyler’s last name is Okonma, but the name showed, Baudelaire, is the name of an Edgar Allan Poe-era poet. Maybe this is the introduction of another character like Igor. Below this, on the same identification, it reads, “Important: The holder of this license wrote, composed and arranged all songs within the attached record unless stated otherwise.” Much like his previous albums, Tyler will have produced this entire album with a few exceptions.


The announcement of Tyler’s production contributions suggests that Tyler might continue to emphasize the beats more than the vocals as he did on IGOR. In addition to the ID, another picture was posted of a painting of Tyler holding two suitcases, wearing the same outfit, and in the same setting as his LUMBERJACK video. Whether or not either of these pictures is the official album cover is unclear, but there are many conclusions to be drawn from these teasers. Overall, expect Tyler to release an album that is a clear step forward in his evolution musically, lyrically, and aesthetically.