Umi Takes Listeners on a Journey into her Mind in New “Introspection” EP (+Short Film)

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UMI’s “Introspection” EP dropped with a short film to go along with it. The short film starts with “Introspection” playing as UMI walks into a house party to meet up with her friends. UMI’s Lyrics dig deep into her thoughts about herself, “Wish the thoughts would go away (My God, my mind be)/Floatin’ farther away (I go so far to see)/All the truth I couldn’t face (I thought I knew it)/Told myself I couldn’t face, I wouldn’t face, you.” As the song ends with her dancing the night it away, a conversation with her and another takes the scene discussing, “Do you ever wonder what it’s like to see the world through other people’s eyes? What are other people going through?.. I’m like a main character in my own story, but a background character in other people’s life?” As she smokes a joint, exclaims that it’s called, “Introspection,” when asked what that thought is called from a “mystery girl.” The scene moves to the other characters of the plot as she asks to borrow a lighter to re-spark the joint that unlit. Next up, follows a guy driving to his car playing UMI’s next track, “Open Up,” starts to play, while a couple of bystanders poke fun at him singing in his car. A couple new characters pop in, a couple (an ex-couple according to the timeline of their appearance in the film) run into each other at the party, then transitions into the next track, “Where I Wonder.” Flashback of the couple’s past are shown when things were in a good place during their relationship. “Bet” starts to play when arguments of the couple resurfaces with issues surrounding unfaithfulness on his part. After the phone call to UMI about the breakup, UMI invites her to a party.

“Pretty Girl Hi!” starts with UMI dancing in the fields under the bright sun. Then reveals her hanging out with a “mystery girl.” Notice the jeep license plate during the transition to the next scene for the track, “Broken Bottle,” which summarizes the end of the couple’s relationship. The film flashes to UMI having a conversation with her mom in Japanese, while her mom had concerns about who she’s been hanging out with and why she’s been hanging out so much with the “mystery girl” because it will hinder her from having a “real” relationship with anyone. It seems her mom disapproves with UMI hanging out with her girlfriend so much almost as if she’s insinuating that she’s in a romantic relationship with her. The end of the film ends with UMI sharing a kiss with the “mystery girl” on the dance floor at the house party. It all loops back to the beginning.

UMI perfectly executed the message she was trying to portray on her EP through the context of each characters’ stories. It was a high quality production that included stimulating angels and movement during each scene. It was really interesting seeing each character’s perspective and story progress through the lens when it came from such simple concepts. Capturing casual and private moments featured common dilemmas society may face day to day (whether that be with relationships with family, friends, or romantic partners). Everyone has a story to tell. “Introspection” gave us UMI’s.


Introspection • A journey into my mind ~ this song is a stream of consciousness ~ a conversation with the thoughts in my head .” – UMI

Watch UMI’s “Introspection” Short Film below:

UMI’s description (via youtube) “Introspection is a reflection of my journey inward. I’ve never been more honest in my expression of self, and I hope that it serves as a reminder that our highest healing and growth comes from within. The film is an extension of the music, creating a world for viewers to live. The story is an apt visual metaphor for how interconnected life — and our individual experiences — really are. Unpacking themes of self-discovery, love, heartbreak, and family dynamics. joce and I hope that people can find themselves in the film — that it can serve as a mirror inward.”

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a film by umi and joce written by umi and joce produced by Raedio, Nancy Yalley, Jeredon O’Conner Director of Photography: Jon Chou Additional DoP: Peter Hou Edited by Eva Dubovoy, Sofia Kerpan, joce, and umi Colored by Jacob Mckee BTS: Spencer Middleton, Alondra Bucio, Aamir Khuller, 70mm Styling: Paris Cole and Mazhané Rima-Fleurima Set Designs Jhana Paritis cast (in order of appearance): Bree Winslow as Jada Claude George as Ty Daniella Zappacosta as Pretty Girl Dakota Raine as Darius Amani Lyles, Kayla Henigan, and India Conner as Teen Girls Kazumi Aihara as Umi’s Mom