Producer Felium Releases Uplifting House Track “Undercomplicate” with Kiera Dillon

Hannah Gershowitz

On March 19th, DJ and electronic producer Felium releases new feel good house single, “Undercomplicate” with singer/songwriter Kiera Dillon under Spanish label, Blanco Y Negro. This upbeat track is a reminder to take a deep breathe, keep it simple, and enjoy the little things. In times where it seems everything is being overly complicated, this song holds us accountable for these unnecessary thoughts and clears our minds.

“Through this song we strive to connect with people and simply spread happiness.”

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The start of this project began as natural recorded sounds around Felium’s hometown of Barcelona at some of the most iconic places in town. He later processed those sounds and built a song out of them. This included drums recorded from a marching band performing in the streets of Barcelona. These drums and samples truly bring listeners back to times where we were able to experience live music and times like these. While the message of the song sends a reminder to not over complicate the situation in the current world around us.

After meeting at Stevens Institute, Kiera and Felium immediately felt inspired to work together. While they have worked on several projects together in the past, this will be their first release together. They are two multi-talented creatives that have undeniable musical chemistry.

Kiera and Felium realized that even though they both had different approaches to music, together they could create cohesive and inspiring music. Though Felium comes from the melodic EDM and house scene, he likes to add organic elements to his tracks including acoustic and electric instruments. He also enjoys  experimenting with foley and samples. Kiera Dillon comes from a singer/songwriter, alternative pop world where most of her production is raw and acoustic.

To highlight Kiera’s style and talent, they are also releasing an acoustic version of “Undercomplicate” next week on March 26th.

About Felium

Felium is a 20 y/o electronic producer and DJ from Spain, living in Hoboken, NJ. A true creative that is able to cross lines into all different electronic genres, proving this throughout his discography and remixes. This ability pushes him even outside of the electronic world, producing alternative pop tracks that are not yet released. His creativity and passions have pushed his boundaries and allowed him to branch off into becoming a Content Creator and an Entrepreneur on top of his music career. Felium recently founded Muzeamp, a marketing and music mentorship service for up and coming artists.

Felium’s music has received support from multiple labels including Clippers Sound and Blanco Y Negro. He’s also received support from countless DJ’s and playlists proving the quality and appeal of his artistry. Felium’s ability and plans to cross into different genres makes him a promising artist worth keeping an eye on!

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