A Traklife favorite from two of our favorite emcees, Mark W. & Chylite with “In Ya Playlist” from their 2020 collaboration project “LITE W.IN”. The best part of these two performing together is their ability to feed energy and chemistry off one another which heightens the performance value whenever they get on the mic. This track is a combination of that Boom Bap feel with that modern hype and energy. Be sure to save it “In Ya Playlist” (pun intended) and don’t forget to follow Mark W. and Chylite on all streaming platforms.


Mark W. & Chylite – No Red Carpets (Traklife Live Session)
➤. https://youtu.be/Q2_UyyhF0qY

Watch Mark W. & Chylite perform “In Ya Playlist” Live on RAWSTREAM Episode 1

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