If you’re a fan of Hip-Hop in its rawest form or just straight up pure lyricism, then Dre Skuffs is the artist for you. He’s a rapper/lyricist based out of New Jersey with a style reminiscent of the Boom Bap era yet delivered in a way that even today’s Hip-Hop fans can appreciate. His ability to captivate his audience through his live performance and energy makes him one of those artists that the culture of Hip-Hop should take pride in. This performance of his original track “Wait Now” is no exception. In this live session, we took his nostalgic Hip-Hop sound and put it in front of vintage CRT TVs running a loop of his previous work giving off the essence of the Hip-Hop in the 90s. Check out the session and be sure to stream all of Dre Skuff’s music on all streaming platforms. You’ll thank us later.

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