Westside Boogie & Joey Bada$$ Link Up for “Outside”

Dom Maiorca

Following the release of his debut album Everythings for Sale nearly two years ago, Westside Boogie – formerly known as just Boogie – has returned with a new track alongside Brooklyn rapper Joey Bada$$.   


The track was teased with several clips on social media showing Boogie having been kidnapped by social media star Fort Knox, with Boogie’s only chance at freedom coming by way of releasing new music.

“Outside” finds an introspective Boogie contemplating his current status in hip-hop and continuing his grind towards the top.  “Know it’s all ‘bout the finish / I think I’m bein’ too timid, I think I need to get with it / I think the credit they owe me should never come with a limit / I’m the best rapper that, wait, I’m the best rapper alive” he raps confidently over production from Mike Lowry, Tae Beast, and Rascal.

The corresponding music video features a dripped-down Boogie riding throughout the city and chilling with Joey Bada$$ in a glitzy diner, enjoying the simple luxuries of the outside world once again.


While we wait for new full length projects from both Westside Boogie and Joey Bada$$ be sure to check out the duo trading bars on “Outside” on Apple Music and Spotify.