Westside Gunn Releases ‘Flygod Is an Awesome God 2’ Mixtape

David Wells

Buffalo MC Pays Homage To The Underground on New Project


One thing is clear when it comes to the Griselda Crew from Buffalo… They know how to satisfy their fans without sacrificing quality. Just like his label mate Conway the Machine, Westside Gunn has released his second project in the last four months.

His latest effort, Flygod Is an Awesome God 2, follows the MC’s most attention grabbing project yet, Pray For Paris, which with it’s high profile features and Virgil Abloh designed cover proved just how much Westside, Conway, and Benny are garnering the attention of the mainstream.

Westside’s latest offering is far more low-key than his last, with less attention to detail and comparatively minimized production value throughout. There are barely any drums, creating space for Westside and his guests to just rap free-form over dusty sample loops.

And speaking of the guests present here, it is clear that Westside is using this project as a means to showcase lesser known label-mates, as well as the underground in general.

MC’s show up here that the majority of listeners have not heard of before, such as: Stove God Cooks, Boldy James, Rome Streetz, and Griselda’s own Armani Caesar. Cooks lends arguably the best verse of the entire project on highlight “One More Hit”, with lines both entertaining and grounded in grim reality such as: “Kneel on the brick, say the Lord’s Chant (Pray to a real nigga), LuxTouch marble shine like the floor is damp (Woo), Kilos under the hood with the Porsche stamp (You see ’em?), Cartier goggles, bitch, I’m Horace Grant (I’m Horace Grant).”

Another stand-out, “Buffs vs. Wires”, exemplifies Griselda at its best, as Westside and Benny team up to explicate how their drug-dealing days make them always hungry in the rap game regardless of success. It is also on this track where Westside calls out the name of his forthcoming debut album with Shady Records, Who Made The Sunshine, the name of which he tweeted out hours before this new tape released.

While more nonchalant and easy-going, there are still some heavy moments on this project that make one see the direction in which this Buffalo MC is headed for his album. For an artist at the top of his game, Westside Gunn really cannot miss right now. Even the numerous skits throughout this tape seem to be connected to some deeper vision that will come to fruition in due time, even if some might say they detract from the listening experience here.

2020 may be troubling for most, but for Westside Gunn it may end up being the year most pivotal towards his exposure and success. It’ll be interesting to see how high he and the Griselda Crew can fly, but it’s a joy being along for the ride.

Listen to Flygod Is An Awesome God 2 now on all streaming platforms.