What is Ampled? 3 Game-changing Facts About Music Subscription

Rachael Sanders

While listening to Lizzie No’s livestream on June 16th, 2020 I heard about a unique platform for musicians called Ampled. After doing some research, here’s what I learned

Ampled is self-owned


They said “to hell with selling out!” The only people involved in decision making are artists and the employees, therefore no major influences will hinder the website’s creative vision. Due to the co-op nature of the project, no one investor or artist has more say over the trajectory of Ampled. It’s a pure democracy.

They Will Tell You Just How Rich (or Poor) They are



Because Ampled is completely transparent, they make all of their information public. Don’t believe me? Click this link. What a refreshingly honest company. Their No. 1 goal as a company is to be as transparent and as ethical as possible. For real, this is some high level integrity.


What Do you Get on Ampled?


That’s an interesting question. Ampled works a bit like Patreon, for lack of a better comparison, except it’s literally just for musicians. You get intimate content that simply cannot be shared in today’s social media climate. Seeing as most social media is highly public and used to demonize celebrities, Ampled provides itself as an open space to share really personal content with superfans. No need to worry about cancel culture here, every fan *wants* to see the musician! That’s what they’re paying for!

“Not to be too folksy about this, but I’m planning to treat my Ampled page as a digital front porch of sorts. Everyone is invited.”


For example, I follow a lovely gal called Lizzie No. Def check her out. Every week or so Lizzie No shares some fun new content, either in the form of a cover, an exclusive livestream, or in one week a new unreleased single! For Lizzie No, we get content a little earlier than most, and get a glimpse into her artistic process. As a big fan, this is a really exciting thing to be a part of.


Of course, this is not what *every* fan gets on Ampled, it is only an example of what one artist provides to her subscribers. The choices are limitless! Mini-games, vlogs, virtual lyric-writing, etc. Whatever your fan-heart desires. Check it out!