What is Going on with Lana Del Rey?

Sarah Stukalin

Upon the release of her latest dream-pop album Chemtrails Over The Country Club, Lana Del Rey did not waste time teasing her fans with another album and possible single release.

Chemtrails was perhaps Lana’s greatest album yet, complete with magical samples and ethereal vocals that cement Lana as one of the greatest, but she’s not done yet.

On March 20th, Lana took to Instagram to announce her next album Rock Candy Sweet complete with a stunning selfie and a release date of June 1st.

Of course, the fandom went into shock, as Lana has never released two bodies of work in such a close amount of time. Many were skeptical, due to the continuous pushback of the Chemtrails release date, however, Lana surprised fans with another Instagram post, this time with much more mystery.

Could “Blue Bannisters” be the name of Lana’s next single, and the first single off of Rock Candy Sweet? Time will tell. But one thing is clear, Lana has been in the studio creating, and I’m eagerly anticipating what is to come.