When It’s All Said And Done: EP Review

Madison Hunt

Giveon isn’t new to this industry, diving in headfirst he’s had a promising career as he pushes boundaries on the edges of R&B and Soul. 


His latest EP, When It’s All Said And Done, is no different. His uniqueness comes from his ability to break down the typical figure of masculinity within this industry. However, with his eloquent voice he makes toxic verses sound so sweet.


The EP begins as he measures the loss of his relationship with self-righteousness. But it comes across as an oxymoron, as he tries to mask the pain of rejection with zoning in on his own self-worth.

“Not proud I called your for the fifth time

I just gotta quit trying for you baby

Try my hardest for this shit

But you, you don’t give like me so I

So I’ma make this promise here

I promise I’m the best you’ll get, oh, oh”

“Still Your Best” runs the theme of an egotistical facade,  clearly hurting from losing someone he thought was his, he follows up with the “typical” response. Deny everything and use the demise of all future lovers to lift him up. 


Relishing in loss, Giveon uses this song as a coping mechanism reluctantly admitting his feelings. But by reliving those intimate moments, you can tell he hasn’t fully gotten over or processed his emotions entirely. 


It’s that confidence that makes him so transparent. “Still your best I know, love it or hate it/It’s unfair I know that I got away/Just confess right now, go ahead and say it.”


It reads bitter, frustrated, and in denial. 


However, his feature “Last Time” ft. Snoh Aalegra is just like a picture out of the post-breakup handbook. The song ends with a phone call, so clearly after the stage of deny, deny, deny, you hopelessly call “that” person. 

The layered vocals in this song, really goes with the theme of a fractured connected relationship. Where two people who know aren’t right for each other reach out to be in the purgatory stage of getting back together. 


“Here we go (Go), back into your arms again/I know it’s gettin’ serial/Sayin’ that you love me just so I don’t let you go (Let you go).”


Undeniably, the connection that these two artists have within this song makes for a vivid picture for the listener. And vocally-matched it was the perfect blend of sound. Both uniquely telling their own individual stories in this song, it makes the entire EP come together.


Also the interludes really make this body, because it leads to “Stuck On You”, the final reckoning. It cancels out all of the other songs, in a sense of trueness and vulnerability. 


The coping mechanisms that were the beginning of this EP, with that toxic diminishing of feelings is casted away as Giveon becomes completely emotional. The lyrics examine him in a completely vulnerable state, understanding that no matter what he says or does he will ultimately end back in the place he’s always wanted to be in. 


Giveon does it again, as he effortlessly portrays a lover stuck in love. Vivid imagery within his lyrics tell a story so natural to all of us. But he gives us toxic objectiveness as he battles with being okay without “the” person, even though that’s what he wants. This EP, though short in production, it had a profound story to tell! 


Listen to When It’s All Said and Done Below!