Who is R&B Artist, Desmond Dennis?

Ervin Cordero

If you’re a new parent of kids younger than 3 years old, more likely than not you’ve come across this masked singer somewhere on the internet.  He goes by the name Desmond Dennis, a 25 year old R&B vocalist from New Jersey.  If you don’t recognize him, you probably will recognize his melodic R&B versions of children’s songs that have accumulated over 100 million views in the past 3 years!  Kicked off by his rendition of popular kid’s song “Baby Shark”, his R&B covers of children’s songs took the internet by storm.

Before this, Desmond was part of an early boy band that later disbanded which led him to pursue a solo career as not just a singer but also a songwriter and producer.  Desmond really made a name for himself through a strong Youtube presence by creating medleys and covers of songs by popular Pop and R&B artists while also creating original music of his own.

During this stage of his music career, Desmond was also blessed with entering the life of fatherhood.  I’m sure like all parents, the music in his household was taken over by kids songs and nursery rhymes.  Desmond used his musical gift and creativity to add a twist that made children’s music not only bearable, but highly enjoyable by parents and kids alike. Desmond hit the nail on the head when he started his kids song cover series as it closely aligned with the launch of Youtube Kids (a kid-friendly Youtube platform).  Desmond knew he had something special as he released 7 kids songs compilations in the span of only 2 years and millions and millions of views on his Youtube channel.  With the success of his covers of children’s and R&B/Pop music, Desmond also continues to create original music in pursuit of building up his name as an emerging artist.  Check out his latest single “Don’t Start Now” along with his popular videos below: