Women Helping Women: A look at Noir Unicorn’s march on Skid Row

This past weekend, while most women joined hands to promote women’s rights and equality, others went a different route to support women in need. Noir Unicorn, a non-profit organization that promotes positivity, unity, self-love, sisterhood and accountability, hit the L.A. streets on Skid Row for their second annual #NoirUnicornOnAMission.

“I do a lot of volunteering.” said Crys Watson, founder of Noir Unicorn. IMG_8376

“I wanted to know what I could possibly do to help the women on the street.”

The result, donating feminine care products.

“I found out that they were the least donated items there [pads and tampons].”

For years we’ve seen the homeless rate in Los Angeles increase. On Skid Row in particular, the reality can leave you feeling uneasy and bothered. Sidewalks have been transformed into living spaces, the streets are cluttered with trash leaving little to no hope for the future.IMG_8388

Although there have been minimal efforts by government officials to correct this problem;  volunteers like Noir Unicorn, are known to migrate to this area and give back.

“We already know the homelessness in L.A. is very alarming; but knowing that majority of them are African American women,” she said. 

“That really was the fuel for me to go ahead and start this.” she went on to say. IMG_8391

Last year they donated over 300 feminine care packages to women on Skid Row. This year, they were able to donate over 400 feminine care packages to women in need. Donations included, pads, tampons, lotions, shampoos, conditioners, snacks and more.


#NoirUnicornOnAMission is an annual event. However, Watson, who hosts group discussions and social mixers, have plans to do this more often.

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