XAVIER OMAR- if You Feel album review

Madison Hunt

Xavier Omar doesn’t play when it comes to his production, he has used influences of neo-soul, pop, and hip-hop to create a brand rendered on unique nostalgic vibes. His music never fails to come together by the beats he puts down, and to boot, his lyricism is just getting better in time. 


FIND ME, a statement piece, begins Xavier Omar’s latest project, if You Feel.  It’s something completely vibrant from the usual steady pace we’ve seen from him. 


It begins with a steady monotone echo of the usual neo-soul you’d expect from Omar, but then boom. He uses a bold, provocative sound rendered by a steady momentum, an unusual twist he takes as his voice carries the sound forward. It creates a new sound entirely. 


The nostalgia from in-your-face 90’s pop music is fluid within this song, but he uses bold beats to drive the production. And his lyrics are inescapable, naturally you’re going to need to listen to it twice.

“No matter mountains

No matter valleys, your love will find me (Your love will find me)

No matter oceans

No matter storms, your love it will find me (Your love will find me, now)

It will find me (Your love will find mе)

It will find me.”

It sets the rest of the album, the perfect blend into the rest of the album. We got something new and something old in the first song. 


Something Changed is on brand for Omar, naturally encompassing the essence of neo-soul using his own self-reflection to create something every listener can resonate with. Because he’s been so brutally honest in his path of self-awareness, struggling with masculinity is something refreshing to see in music today. 


Just because we don’t get that anymore. We don’t get the man struggling, or having everyday problems; we get the mask and the shield from anything that could be going wrong. I’m glad he tries to poke holes in toxic masculinity, allowing himself to be raw and honest with his listeners. There really isn’t anything like it.

“I’m not enough for myself.” 

So Much More and want/need definitely gives the nostalgia from past R&B. Both with layered vocals over a soft steady beat it’s the sound that I craved. Especially the nostalgia of knowing how good a song was going to be by the first 10 seconds of the song. 


But want/need definitely shows the progression of Omar as an artist, fluently combing his use of spoken word and his effortless vocals just caters to his listeners, and it brings a unique vibe that we’ve all needed as he takes renditions of the past and makes it his own. 


SURF ft Masego, blends into the later half of the album. Giving us the much needed soulful upbeat vibe, while bringing psychedelic tones that bring the sound together.

The later half of the album is what you’d typically expect from Omar, but what stands out are his last two songs on the album, both features. Lil’ Healer is a soft melody, some would compare to the influences of James Blake. 


The audio creates an ambiance of love and flutters of vocals create an angelic tone that is peaceful to the ear. And he closes the album out with the perfect duet, Like I Feel ft. Mereba. The combination of voices creates a perfect soul song. However, I’m not sure that I would’ve placed this song directly at the end. 


But this is without a doubt Xavier Omar’s best body of music. His use of production, layered with his vocals makes this keen to all listeners. Omar has truly outdone himself and his progression as an artist speaks through his latest album.


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