YG’S Music Video Faces Backlash for Protest Backdrop

Madison Hunt

In light of the “BLM” movement, music has skyrocketed, but some artists are under scrutiny by how they address it. 


In the last few weeks, the music industry has seen an influx of single releases. Which are all centered on our current climate, police brutality. 


Major artists including Meek Mill, Lil Baby, Eric Bellinger and more released singles one after the other. Each single, in their own unique perspective, highlights the brutality that Black people face within society. Some even address the political and social climate of the current state of America. 


But there has been much scrutiny behind how these artists address it. Last Friday, YG dropped his official video for his latest track, “FTP.” The backdrop was at a protest on Hollywood Blvd. in Los Angeles, with everyone in the background saying “F*** The Police.”


The world didn’t react well to this, some felt that it was not only inappropriate, but distasteful.

Protests throughout Black history have been used to voice grievances, to not only uplift the community but to bring it together. It’s helped fuel change and create strides for equality.


Also, some felt that it derailed from the main message. The point is to get justice for all the Black men and women who have been unlawfully killed by police. Having a music video at the forefront could seem as if the community isn’t taking it seriously.


Some even compared this protest to a vigil. Breonna Taylor and George Floyd are gone, and the accused have yet to see their day in court.

However, the problem with defining how one should react to a protest is difficult. It’s a statement to see thousands of people, from all walks of life, coming together for a common cause. But there is no right way to define a protest. 


YG took to his instagram to respond:

“The real story here is men and Black Lives matter brought out 50,000 people today to peacefully protest. I wanted to document that so when they hear this song and think we are reckless and violent they see a peaceful protest of all different people coming together for a common cause.”


Whether or not this message was received, there’s still a dispute on the proper way to address police brutality.

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