“You All Over Me” – Single Review

Tony Madden

The first “From The Vault” track to emerge ahead of Taylor Swift’s “Fearless” re-record, “You All Over Me” emotes a tinge of nostalgia for anyone familiar with her country roots. Alongside backup vocals from Maren Morris, Swift makes an effortless return to the delicate trills and wide-eyed singer-songwriter lyricism on which she made her name. 

Sonically and lyrically, Swift’s “Fearless” style like that of “You All Over Me” has laid dormant for the better part of a decade. But it’s clear that these stylings still come naturally to her. Her voice may have matured in the 13 years since the original “Fearless” release, but it’s otherwise as if she never left.

Country music’s Maren Morris sings alongside Taylor Swift on “You All Over Me,” the first vault track from Swift’s re-record of “Fearless.” The pair previously performed together at the Arlington stop on Swift’s reputation Stadium Tour in 2018.

“I lived, and I learned. Had you, got burned. Held out, and held on. God knows, too long,” Swift sings with a flourish of dreamy, reverbed guitar from The National’s Aaron Dessner, who co-produced the song with Swift. “And wasted time, lost tears. Swore that I’d get out of here. But no amount of freedom gets you clean– I’ve still got you all over me.”

The lyrics seem to parallel those of another Swift song: “Clean” from her 2014 album “1989.”

“You’re still all over me like a wine-stained dress I can’t wear anymore,” Swift sings. “… And by morning, gone was any trace of you. I think I am finally clean.”

Intentionally or not, “Clean” seems to be the unofficial continuation to “You All Over Me.”

When she announced the re-record of “Fearless” – dubbed “Taylor’s Version” – Swift explained coming to the decision of releasing six never-before-released vault tracks on the new record.

“Only I know which songs I wrote that almost made the Fearless album,” Swift said on social media. “I’ve decided I want you to have the whole story, see the entire vivid picture, and let you into the entire dreamscape that is my Fearless album.”

Since November, Swift has been re-recording her first six albums after disputes with Big Machine Label Group and Scooter Braun, who bought the record label along with Swift’s original master recordings in 2019. “Fearless (Taylor’s Version)” is the first of those to be released, coming April 9. 

What we’ve seen so far of the “Fearless” re-recordings – Swift’s hallmark hit “Love Story” and “You All Over Me” from the vault – has been a warm experiment in nostalgia and homage to the work that made Swift a music powerhouse. If Swift’s returns to her other five albums are anything like her revisit to “Fearless,” we’ve got a lot to look forward to.