You Need These Rap Songs on Your Summer Playlist

Sarah Stukalin

If you’re like me, you appreciate a good summer anthem. But what if the typical poppy summer beats are getting old? Look no further than rap: while the genre is known for hard lyrics and beats, these four songs are mixing it up to create the perfect summer rap tracks.

“Everyday” – A$AP Rocky, Rod Stewart, Miguel, Mark Ronson

Nothing screams summer quite like the lyrics “Everyday I spend my time // Drinking wine, feeling fine.” With the help of Rod Steward, Miguel, and Mark Ronson, A$AP Rocky creates the perfect track for lounging around outside and sipping on some summer water. The song is mellow and laid back, but still contains verses from A$AP Rocky to remind you that it is indeed a rap track. 

“The Spins” – Mac Miller 

“The Spins” takes you back to a simpler time: a time where you just graduated high school, the world is wide, and you’re looking to find your place in it. Mac Miller exudes pure happiness in this song as he sings “Wanna get a mansion, a Jacuzzi // A theater to watch my movies // Couple whips and lots of fancy things.” Perfect for a day at the pool or a convertible drive, “The Spins” is a timeless classic for all summer long.

“Topanga” – Trippie Redd 

“Topanga” exudes summertime from its very first second, as its catchy beat and instrumentation set up Trippie Redd’s lyrics perfectly. The song is carefree, effortless, and fun. The lyrics are nothing hard-hitting or personal, but that is what makes “Topanga” a great summer song: it is simply fun, and that is it. If you’re looking for a summer song to add to your pregame playlist, this is the one. 

“35.31” – Childish Gambino 

“35.31” is a rare piece of music from Childish Gambino in that it is incredibly upbeat and sing-songy. It’s happy, exciting, and perfect for a day at the beach. Listening to this is sure to brighten up your mood almost instantly, as the lyrics “I ain’t worried ‘bout mine, you can worry ‘bout you” are the perfect lyrics to capture the sense of joy conveyed through the song.