You should know—Vista Kicks

Victor Rodriguez

I’m always on the lookout for truly fantastic rock bands. Vista Kicks, one of my instant favorites has been around since 2016, but I truly believe in my heart, that they are NOT getting enough attention so my goal, by the end of this article, is to get your foot tapping at least a little bit.

The four-man-band made an impressive ‘splash’ (I’m sorry) on the scene, with their first EP called, Chasing Waves, which featured my favorite song of theirs, “Marceline.”

It is still their most popular song, all these years later, and for good reason! Classic rock, when done correctly, is long-lasting. The track is just so damn good, I don’t know if I’ll ever have another favorite. The guitar just accentuates and wraps around lead singer Derek Thomas’s gravelly voice. 

Their origin story also lines up with the time-honored garage band dream. Once they got their first taste of musical success, the boys decided to skip college and move to Los Angeles, and it’s worked out for them so far.

“If I Didn’t Have You” comes off their 2018 album, Twenty Something Nightmare, and shows a calmer, more introspective side of the group. As a twenty-something nightmare, I feel I have the authority to give this album my stamp of approval. So far my twenties have felt abnormal, I have too many friends who are married with kids, and not enough time to remember all their names. This track gave me a sense of relief. It reminds me that although everything in life is constantly, changing if you grow yourself a strong support system, they’ll always be there for you. 

The music video is as grainy as the sand as the beach they’re on. I love the vintage look and feel of the cinematography, as well as the “plenty of fish in the sea” visual gag that’s played out.

The last song I want to leave you with is “Done With You” off of their latest album, Chateau Mae Mae, a collaborative project with Audra Mae.

This entire record gives us a more slowed-down Vista Kicks, with a western feel and folk/country influences to spice up the pot. But on this track, we hear Audra Mae, absolutely eviscerate an ex-lover. This is the tastiest breakup song ever written. This leaves no room for rebuttal, just a pure good old-fashioned call-out.

“Done with you

I’m so motherfuckin’ done with you

Can’t believe the awful shit you put me through

How the hell

Did I ever think I knew you well

That you’d break my ever-lovin’ heart in two

I’m so motherfuckin’ done with you”

This track gives me life, in a way that probably shouldn’t but I’m not mad at it! Also, let us not forget what is probably definitely the sickest outro burn on the planet.

“Lord, have mercy

It’s over

That’s all she wrote

So long, goodbye

You stump-jumping, cow-humping, cock-suckin’, motherfuckin’, yellow-bellied, lily-livered

Son of a bitch”

She said all she had to say. AS. SHE. SHOULD.

This band holds a special place in my heart, and after hearing these three songs, you either have to admit to me your grooved a little bit or be content with lying for the rest of your life.

Keep in touch with the band on Instagram, Twitter, and their own website!