You Should Totally Listen to This: Lizzie No

Rachael Sanders

Y’all I am really excited about this one. I consistently cover garage bands and punk, but this week I found a delightful harpist and folk-rocker: Lizzie No. Now I’m not one to get mushy, but this country-gone-alt-rocker brought me back to my hometown in Texas when I was miles away in California. Y’all better believe that deserves some recognition *hat tip*

Spotify Discovery 

I first discovered Lizzie No surfing Spotify. I had just moved from Texas to Los Angeles, and I was missing a part of my culture. Lizzie No came in hot with a country-western-folk sound and smattering of poetry allusion that just hits different. Her sound introduced me to the world of modern Americana. KZSU Stanford likens her to “First Aid Kit, Sharon Van Etten…[and] Brandi Carlile” and…they’re not wrong. Her single Narcissus got hella attention from the media. Gary Trust at Billboard claims it was one of his top 5 tracks in 2019. Jonathan Bernstein of Rolling Stone says it’s a “need to know” jam. It’s nice to know this music suggestion is backed up by the big dogs.



Lizzie No is featured on Ampled, a subscription platform for music fans. Ampled is a “pay as you can” subscription service, and runs similarly to patreon. You donate a little each month, and receive exclusive content from the creator. The medium may be used for livestreams, music drops, or whatever the creation the musician finds valuable. Each account is different. Lizzie No says “I’m planning to treat my Ampled page as a digital front porch of sorts…So here I am, waving from this little porch in Queens, NY.” The platform is intimate, and engaging. Because of the format, she shares more personal covers of her favorite songs and exclusive recordings with members. It’s an investment worth while to super fans.