You Should Totally Listen to This: The Paradoks

Rachael Sanders

Welcome to this week’s episode of You Should Totally Listen to This: a weekly series where I, Rachael Sanders, showcase up and coming musicians and review their most recent works.

This week I had hella fun listening to Long Beach locals: The Paradoks. Their most recent work is called Runaway, published in 2019. They are currently working on a new album, and developing tiny-tours around the socal area.

The Paradoks are an explosion of female punk rock, serving up some sick Joan Jett attitude and the personality to match it. The band goes like this: Janet Diane Gutierrez on lead vocals (screaming her face off, tbh) AND lead guitar. Juan Escalante is jamming out on bass with sick punk-y riffs inspired by old school rap (cred to moonkill radio). Then we have Chex, a drummer characterized by his love for A7X, post punk, and hardcore. All three have combined forces to make a dark and grimey band that gives off the impression “I’m just here, man.”

This band will truly rock your socks off, so listen to their bandcamp and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for their new album