You Should Totally Listen to This: Total Eclipse

Rachael Sanders

Welcome to this week’s episode of You Should Totally Listen to This: a weekly series where I, Rachael Sanders, showcase up and coming musicians and review their most recent works.

This week we are tuning in to the outskirts of Los Angeles county in Pomona. CA. four man band and punk rock dudes Total Eclipse‘s released a new single Bare Minimum, and it is one minute and fifty seconds of pure energy.

For real, this band is crazy fun. High energy short songs with absolute bonkers lyrics. Total Eclipse isn’t profound or technical, but is that a band thing? Absolutely not. It’s just a good h*cking time. For example, their song 101 begins with meme reference and 9th grade science fact: Mitochondria is the Powerhouse of the Cell.

Total Eclipse is totally fun, but also using their medium to help BLM. On June 7th, 2020, they used Instagram Live to promote a BLM benefit show “Rock against Racism”.  The show was so successful that they are likely to have more live streams in the future on their recording studio’s page Eclipse House Records. 

Even though I was dead tired during filming, this weeks review was a lot of fun for me, and you can definitely catch me at one of their live streams in the future.