You Should Watch These Shows For Their Scores Alone

Sarah Stukalin

Nowadays television is not simply about a great plot. Many aspects of filmmaking go into making a show binge-able, one of those aspects being a score. A good score can make or break a television show and completely set the tone for what you as a viewer can expect. Here are three shows with great scores you need to watch:

White Lotus


HBO’s satirical drama about class struggle is an incredibly binge-worthy show. The characters are vindictive, the setting is beautiful, and the music is addictively catchy. While the score hardly contains any actual words, the fast-paced beat of the drums and ominous tone adds so much to the score that people can hardly get enough. Social media has gone into a frenzy over the theme song alone, and with such stunning success, there is no question White Lotus will be back with another season of amazing music. 



The Emmy-winning soundtrack of Euphoria is predominantly scored by Labrinth, as he brings his electronic-pop sound to the edgy and bright show. Euphoria is one of those shows in which a good soundtrack is absolutely vital. The music makes you truly feel with the characters you are watching. Complete with songs from Megan Thee Stallion, Drake, Migos, and A$AP Ferg, Euphoria is a show you cannot miss. 

Gossip Girl


Don’t laugh, the original Gossip Girl soundtrack is full of heart-wrenching ballads, hilarious 2000s era party anthems, and songs that you just can’t associate with anything else: who doesn’t think of the iconic Thanksgiving walk-out scene when hearing Jason Derulo? The thing about Gossip Girl was everyone wanted to be just like its characters. They wanted to wear what they wore, do what they did, and listen to what they listened to. If Serena and Nate are making out to Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” at the Hamptons White Party, then you can bet it was added to the playlist the next day. 

While these are some shows with great scores, they’re only a handful of shows out there with this quality. Did we miss any shows with must-listen scores? Tell us what you think in the comments below.