ZOLA makes her return in 2021 with new single, “Nosebleed”

Cameron DeFaria

Emerging alternative pop artist ZOLA has cemented her first offering of 2021, “Nosebleed”. The single, released on Young Poet Records, precedes the delivery of the singer’s sophomore EP–to be released later in the year. 


The 24-year-old artist hails from San Francisco, having fine-tuned her songwriting skills at the University of Miami’s Frost School of Music. “Nosebleed” originated as a reflection of the singer’s past feelings of loneliness during a shift in her music career. ZOLA explained,

[qode_simple_quote simple_quote_text=”“To put it simply, “Nosebleed” was written when I needed the hug and support I didn’t feel like I was getting. I was traveling to Los Angeles every month for week-long stays from San Francisco and working with my first label and with all these added members to my musical journey, I had never felt so alone. In parallel, California was experiencing its most devastating natural fires today and I felt like my home was now literally burning to the ground.“”]

ZOLA stands out as a unique genre-bending gem. She’s been known to weave between English and French lyrics, combine alternative pop with acoustic indie sounds, and employ dynamically choice vocal deliveries. Her topline in “Nosebleed” is both soulful and breathy, whereas ZOLA can be heard belting her hook in her debut release, “Too Fast, Too Soon”.

Keep up with ZOLA on Instagram and stream “Nosebleed” now, available everywhere.


Featured image: Stella Kudritzki